How to access MikroTik router via Dynamic DNS?

It is always nice to administer your equipment remotely and in this particular blog post you will know how to do it:)

This is only applicable to a situation where your MikroTik router is behind a commercial ISP (A)DSL router.

 Step 1

Most ISP routers have this option – access and write your DynDns credentials so the router knows how to work with your DnyDns account but first create your DynDns (or other similar service) account with appropriate hostname.

 Step 2

Forward the port that is connected to MikroTik to port 8081 (you can choose whatever port number you like).

 Step 3

Now comes the MikroTik configuration. Using Winbox go to IP->Services->www and change that port 80 to 8081.











Step 4

After the www port has been changed, go to IP->Firewall->NAT and write configuration shown in the picture below.

IMPORTANT: Out. Interface is the interface that is connected to the ISP router!!!
















Under Action choose Accept!
Now test it and carefully retrace your steps if it doesn’t work!

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