Hi, my name is Tino. After being raised by robots I was ready to go into professional IT.

As my colleague would say, in my spare time I’m a CEO at my company and an information security professional that works with the biggest companies in the world to help them make antidotes to cyber-crime.

So my plan here is to share  all the solutions that I have noted and noticed in my short IT career. This is not progressing as fast as I was hoping but let’s not be too critical.

I love playing the guitar and singing, reading books (even though I could never put them down), learning new things, and teaching others what I know best – Information Security.

I believe that helping other people is my ultimate goal in life, so you’ll see me at conferences giving talks or just hanging out with friends talking about all sorts of topics from IT to philosophy.

You can find me on Linkedin and if you would like to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at tinosec at protonmail.com.