Cisco LMS 3.2 Restore Procedure and Misc

Although this procedure is written in the official Cisco documentation, I will give you my understanding (example) of it.

Command  syntax is the only part where I have encountered some problems (errors).


Here are the steps to make a successful restore in Cisco LMS 3.2:

1) Stop the Deamon Manager by entering “net stop crmdmgtd” in the Command Prompt.

2) Here is an example of the restore command. Enter this in you Windows root drive in CMD:

C:\PROGRA~2\CSCOpx\bin\perl.exe C:\PROGRA~2\CSCOpx\bin\ -d d:\83 -gen now -t c:\temp

As you can see a command is executed in Perl. To get CMD path (example->c:\PROGRA~2), just type “dir/x” to get path list in your current location.

For more detailed information about the syntax and what is what, visit


Here are a few advices on using and troubleshooting LMS.

Check Windows services.msc because LMS services have to look like this by default:

CiscoWorks ANI database engine: Manual

CiscoWorks Daemon Manager: Automatic

CiscoWorks RME NG database engine: Manual

CiscoWorks Tomcat Servlet Engine: Manual

CiscoWorks Web Server: Manual

CWCS Cmf database engine: Manual

CWCS rsh/rcp service: Automatic

CWCS syslog service: Automatic

CWCS tftp service: Automatic

DFM dfmEpm database engine: Manual

DFM dfmFh database engine: Manual

DFM dfmInv database engine: Manual


A restart of LMS Deamons is needed when you are i.e. executing a script or changing a hostname. This is done by going to the LMS directory (in Command Prompt) and enter “net stop crmdmgtd” for stopping and “net start crmdmgtd” for starting.

Check the configuration prerequisites of memory, CPU type, storage etc. before installing LMS because the problem could be just THAT!

Watch out for the amount of virtual memory needed for your LMS configuration!

Do not forget to turn off Windows DEP or any Antivirus software because of possible conflicts!

Use the CMD pdshow command to determine exactly where the problem is!


Hope it helps!

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