Microsoft Windows Server 2008 as NTP server for Cisco devices

Cisco, Microsoft
I wanted to use in my test environment an NTP server on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 that would function as a syncing point for my Cisco routers and switches. The starting issue is that Cisco devices will not sync with Windows integrated NTP server and the reason is that Windows use SNTP as network time protocol.       [wp_ad_camp_1]   SNTP basically provides the same features as NTP, but uses a simpler algorithm to calculate the difference in time between the two network devices. Because of this algorithm, SNTP is less accurate than NTP where on the other side it uses fewer system resources. It is better and recommended to use SNTP on i.e. mobile devices and some consumer level apps where time can be a little off.…
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GNS3 IPS simulation

Here are a few notes how to successfully simulate an IPS  6 instance in GNS3. Version 7 is a little tricky to simulate so I suggest you get the IPS Manager Express and practice everything in the demo that is available when you install it.       [wp_ad_camp_1] ***Do not forget to always start GNS3 as an administrator!*** Software and tools used: GNS3 VirtualBox 0.8.1 Java JRE 6u7 IPS-4215-K9-sys-1.1-a-6.0-6-E4.iso (use Google trick to get the image-->explained on THIS link) First it is needed to create a loopback adapter which is connected to GNS3 (cloud) but Google has a good explanation of it-->e.g. LINK In the command prompt in the qemu directory (GNS3) create IPS disks and boot the IPS image itself by entering this commands: qemu-img.exe create ipsdisk1.img 512M…
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