Cisco LMS 3.2 Restore Procedure and Misc

Although this procedure is written in the official Cisco documentation, I will give you my understanding (example) of it. Command  syntax is the only part where I have encountered some problems (errors).       [wp_ad_camp_1]   Here are the steps to make a successful restore in Cisco LMS 3.2: 1) Stop the Deamon Manager by entering "net stop crmdmgtd" in the Command Prompt. 2) Here is an example of the restore command. Enter this in you Windows root drive in CMD: C:\PROGRA~2\CSCOpx\bin\perl.exe C:\PROGRA~2\CSCOpx\bin\ -d d:\83 -gen now -t c:\temp As you can see a command is executed in Perl. To get CMD path (example->c:\PROGRA~2), just type "dir/x" to get path list in your current location. For more detailed information about the syntax and what is what, visit  …
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