Turn on GUI from command line in Windows Server 2012

In the installation process of Windows Server 2012 you are given a choice  would you like to install the Server Core Installation or the Server with the GUI. A great feature is that we are given a possibility to revert back and forth between a GUI and the non GUI...     [wp_ad_camp_1]   We have to use Powershell for this and I recommend that you get pretty comfortable with it - I am also trying:) We will start with the GUI edition and convert it to a full Core version without the GUI. In Powershell type:   Wait a moment...     After the completion a restart will be needed.       After restart and a successful login only a command line prompt window will show. Type "Powershell"…
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Mozilla Firefox X-Forwarded-For header Add-on

It has been a few months since my last blog post and reason for that is the lack of time and of course - my laziness:) Here we will talk about an interesting Mozilla Firefox Add-on and the whole concept around the X-Forwarded-For header.     [wp_ad_camp_1]   The X-Forwarded-For is a HTTP header which is used by proxies to identify an IP address of a client. If you use internet through a proxy and you try a service to show your internet IP address (showip.net), it is not very pleasent to see your local address in  the result - at least not to me. As a Firefox user I have discovered a very nice and useful add-on for X-Forwarded-For header.  In the X-Forwarded-For value box you can type more…
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