Google trick to get free Cisco IOS

This method is a nice trick (not hack!) to make a simple Google search very useful.           [wp_ad_camp_1] Just type the following line in Google Search: intitle:index.of ios parent directory bin   Pay attention to "ios" and "bin" parts of the search command - you will understand what they do when you substitute them with something else as in exe, mp3, jpeg...  
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Add or remove persistent (static) routes in Microsoft Windows.

Adding a static route to your Windows routing table is pretty easy. Just use an elevated command prompt (Run as administrator-where needed) and type the following example: route -p add metric 3 if 2 The "-p" argument is important if you want your route to be here when you reboot (persistent). You should be familiar with arguments "metric" and "if" if you are using this commands. A good starting point is HELP for this command. Type "route add --help". [wp_ad_camp_1] To check your result type "route print" and it should be under "Persistent routes" section.       To remove or to delete an entry, type this: "route -p delete"     The "p" argument is also important as it concerns the Persistent Routes table, otherwise…
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