Test your Antivirus program

Has it ever crossed your mind that your just updated antivirus is not doing it's job? We all think that we are protected but how do we even know that we are? Ok, enough with the rhetorical questions and let's move to the point. [wp_ad_camp_1] As I was researching some IT security related things I have encountered an interesting concept of creating an ANTI-MALWARE SELFTEST file. The test file is designed for users and administrators who want to check the proper operation of their anti-virus software without using actual viruses. If you are interested in more information visit the EICAR (European Expert Group for IT-Security) web site. To create the EICAR test file follow this steps: 1. In your text editor (i.e. Notepad) create a file with the following single…
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MTU size in a MPLS network

MTU size never crossed my mind until MPLS designed network came to the picture. After adding a switch to the network, OSPF got up, but BGP was going up and down and up and down... That led to the MTU mismatch because bigger frames are needed in a MPLS network.       [wp_ad_camp_1] The default MTU frame size is 1500 bytes, but in a MPLS design where you use labels, with every label you need a little more room. For the one label design you need to increase the MTU size to 1504 bytes. MPLS VPN, which is the most common design, uses two labels and thus you have to increase the MTU size to 1508 bytes or by eight bytes. Each label increased the size of the original…
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